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Basement Remodel Minnetonka

Basement Remodel Minnetonka
Are you a homeowner in the Minnetonka area thinking about a basement remodel? You'll want to give careful consideration before you hire someone to do the job. Hiring the wrong construction worker can cost you time and money, and still may not result in the project looking the way you want it to.
At Vick Remodeling, they want to keep things as simple as possible for you: the process, the selections and the communication. They'll help you streamline that basement remodel project, knowing that time and money are first on most people's list.
Vick Remodeling specializes in home interior projects in the West and SouthWest Metro, MN. They work complete home makeovers including kitchens, basements, bathrooms and general carpentry services in the Minnetonka and surrounding areas. Vick Home Remodeling, LLC is licensed and insured in Minnesota and has been renovating homes for over 15 years, with a growing client base of homeowners who have trusted their homes to the professional services of Vick Remodeling- and you can too.
Visit the website of Vick Remodeling at to see why so many customers before you have used their services and recommend them as the very best in the industry. From there, you can visit the photo gallery to browse through their numerous before and after photos of home projects which Vick Remodeling has performed, including kitchens, baths, basement remodel jobs and more in Minnetonka. Once you are able to see the professional results that Vick Remodeling has provided for other homeowners, you'll feel confident that they're the right people for the job.
Vick Remodeling's mission is to provide reliable, no-surprise, value-driven remodeling, resulting in a high-quality end product and very satisfied customers. By maintaining professional service, clear communication and sound contractors, they create an exciting and rewarding remodeling process.
The goal with every project is to create living space that is functional, beautiful and cost-effective. At Vick Remodeling, they want to be clear on expectations for your benefit. From price point to product selections, to mutual communication, they make the process easy and enjoyable for you, and they accomplish that through regular, clear communication.
For your basement remodel project, Vick Remodeling wants to keep it simple. That isn't to say there aren't complexities within remodeling- there often are. But they aim to keep the process simple and relatively headache-free as they work together with you from pre-installation to final punch list.
When you call Vick Remodeling at 952-250-2777, you'll be in touch the the professionals who can answer all of your questions and set up a simple, no-charge consultation. From there, you'll have the assurance that you've called the right people who are going to do the job right the first time.
When you want a great product, relatively pain-free, and a great value besides, don't search any further. Call today to learn how Vick Remodel will tackle that basement remodel project you've been thinking about in your Minnetonka home. You'll be glad you made the call.
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