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Christmas Lighting St Paul

In St Paul, people take their holiday decorations very seriously. Here you can see all sorts of incredible lighting displays that pop up around town in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. If you wish to display some exceptional Christmas lighting in St Paul this coming season, now is the time to start planning.

We don't just decorate the roof line

When you choose Roof to Deck Decoration to manage your Christmas lighting in St Paul, we don't decorate only your eaves. If you like, we will merrily festoon your trees, shrubs, pergola, fences, mailbox and anything else you want us to decorate. We'll design your custom lighting display; then we'll send a friendly Roof and Deck associate to decorate your home or office. We won't leave until we make sure that every bulb works perfectly. LED lights rarely fail, but if one ever does, we'll gladly rush over and fix the problem fast.

Few things start sweet childhood memories like a happy family Christmas in a prettily decorated house. Roof and Deck Decoration can recreate the nostalgic feeling of your childhood with modern, cool-burning LED lighting that lasts for thousands and thousands of hours.

Christmas lighting in St Paul is lovely to see, but it may not be so much fun to put up and take down every year. That's why Roof to Deck Decoration is delighted to present a full-service lighting package to suit your every need. We'll design your display and set it up. Then we'll take it down after the holidays are done and keep it in safe, secure warehouse storage until the next holiday season. Why risk falling off a ladder when we make it so easy to proudly display a holiday light tableau your whole neighborhood will talk about?

Here's what you get when we do your Xmas lights:

Design Consultation

We will sit with you to create an ideal lighting display that compliments your architecture while providing the sparkling holiday lights you want to see. Let's discuss your dream holiday lighting today. Then, we can create a gorgeous melange of lights and greenery that will set your home apart from all others on the block.


We will send a Roof to Deck associate (never a subcontractor) to install your Christmas lighting in St Paul and surrounding areas. Our lighting teams are fully licensed, and of course, we are insured.


If a light burns out, you don't have to call off the party. Just let us know, and we'll send someone to replace your bulb immediately. This no-charge service is part of the complete holiday lighting service that we offer.

Removal and Storage

Few things are less fun than taking down your Xmas lights once the holidays are over. When we are your lighting contractor, you never have to worry about that. We'll take down your display and stow it safely until the next time you need Christmas lighting in St Paul.

Christmas Lighting St Paul
Roof to Deck Decoration
Christmas Lighting St Paul
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