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Fcc Testing Center

For the best FCC testing center, you can turn to the team at Compliance Testing. Since 1963, this innovative testing lab has offered cutting edge services. Accurate and concise FCC compliance testing at a fair price is what users can expect when they turn to this facility. Today’s production environment is routinely regulated like it never has been in the past. Speedy compliance testing for products is vital for most electronics oriented companies. Waiting around for accurate and comprehensive testing results is a luxury many businesses don’t have.

Compliance testing, product certification, and product safety results that are budget friendly doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or impossible. You just have to know which team to turn to when you need professional expertise. FCC testing is just the beginning of the abilities we can offer at Compliance Testing.

FCC Certification Steps

The process of achieving FCC Certification typically involves multiple steps, such as the authorization for our lab to apply for an FCC FRN number. This number is important to the process because it connects and registers the manufacturer with the FCC. A company is required to obtain an FCC FRN number before they are able to submit any devices for FCC Grants.

Our company will access the FCC code of the company, which takes a bit of stress off of the shoulders of company management experts. The manufacturer of a product must submit one of their devices to our lab for testing. At Compliance Testing, we follow the latest rules and regulations provided to us by the FCC and other organizations.

FCC Test Reports

Once our team at Compliance Testing have finished our review of the manufacturer’s product, we will present a complete FCC test report for review. The informative and detailed report will determine if the product in question pass the certifications of the FCC guidelines. The product manufacturer is responsible for presenting all relevant information to our team at Compliance Testing. Without comprehensive data collection, the process cannot continue any farther. All documentation will be submitted to the FCC via the Telecommunications Certifications Body by our staff at Compliance Testing.

We take the guesswork out of the process, which allows you more time to focus on other tasks. Since the changes made by the FCC in 2015, all submissions must be made via the Telecommunications Certifications Body. The TCB at Compliance Testing can take roughly five to ten business days to process an FCC grant.

Discussing Your Individual Options

At Compliance Testing, we have a customer support team that is ready to discuss your questions, concerns, and queries regarding our services. The costs of our services can also be discussed during the initial consultation. Exploring your options can help open your company up to a brand new world. Expand beyond your typical limitations to achieve a new height of success in the future. Reach out to us today to learn more details about how we can help you. Starting your project begins with connecting with our crew at Compliance Testing.

Fcc Testing Center
Compliance Testing
Fcc Testing Center
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